This is me Firas Sameer, the founder of How To Fix Headphones website, I have spent a very long time working on this website on every aspect of it just to make it live to serve people like you 🙂 and solve their issues with their Headphones.

I am basically a computer and telecommunications engineer with over 13 years of professional experience in the field, and in my free part-time I enjoy practicing my freelancing work as a video producer/director and professional post-production editor.

Having all those skills with the technical background of my daily work push me towards helping people, I love helping other people and I am doing that almost every day when someone asks me for help, and since I adore music and listening to music, I have basically several different headphone types that enjoy listening to my favorite music with.

And since I had a problem with one of them and fixed it my self, I decided to build this website to gather all information I know about + my creativity of solving issues + my internet research to add value and solutions to questions and inquiries people are looking for to help them fix those issues themselves.

I hope I covered all the main issues people are having or might face and I hope my resource website could help you fix them by yourself or at least answer question you had in mind and couldn’t find somewhere else an answer for it.