11 Best Earbuds for Small Ears 2022

Earbuds are one of the most amazing innovations for the sound experience. They are so tiny and light in weight giving the required comfort. But it becomes more of a problem for those people with smaller ears, making the earbuds fall out easily and even some being painful when used.

If you fall into the category of those with small ears you need not worry anymore, this article has carefully selected some good and quality earbuds that are best suitable for those with smaller ears.

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11 Best Earbuds For Small Ears

#01: AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro is the latest wireless earbuds designed by Apple. It has lots of improvement and is made with silicon tips that range in sizes (large, medium, and small) that fit well in any ear.

This is one of the best-recommended earbuds for small ears, you may check its promoted price from amazon.

#02: Soundcore Liberty Air 3 Pro

The Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 pro is very comfortable in the ears and has a great noise cancellation feature. They are also great for sports and fitness.

These earbuds are well-built and certified IPX4 for protection against water. Due to their amazing design, they don’t fall off the ear while moving, unlike most earbuds.

#03: Jabra Elite 7 Pro

The Jabra Elite 7 pro earbuds feature a re-engineered battery with advanced efficiency technology, giving up to 8 hours from a single charge and up to 30 hours with the case.

The body is designed to sit more snugly in any ear size, you may check its discounted price from amazon.

#04: Ultimate Ear Fits

Ultimate Ear Fits also referred to as UE FITS are the world’s first truly wireless earbuds that are custom-fitted to fits small ears. They are fully water and sweat-resistant, making them perfect for working out.

These earbuds are uniquely compatible with both android and iOS devices, making them one of the best choices when you consider getting Bluetooth earbuds for small ears, you can check their discounted prices on amazon.

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#05: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung galaxy Buds Pro is one of the most recommended Samsung earbuds for small ears. The Samsung Galaxy bud pro won the award of the most innovative headphone award in the Tom’s Guide Award 2022 Audio category.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Bud Pro is designed to work better on Samsung galaxy phones to fully optimize its potential. You also can check its discounted price on Amazon.

#06: LG TONE Free FP9

The LG TONE Free FP9 is a wireless Bluetooth UV nano earbud designed by the LG company.

The LG TONE free earbuds have a new design that conforms to the shape of one’s ear, providing a comfortable fit no matter how small. You may check its promoted price on amazon.

#07: Earin A-3 Earbud

These are tiny earbuds produced by a Sweden based technological company called Earin. According to the company, it is the world’s smallest earbuds in terms of size, this specific small size made them the best wireless earbuds for small ears in 2021.

These earbuds have other interesting functions such as active noise cancellation, quality sound, and multiple functions. Check its promoted price on Amazon.

#08: Beats Studio Buds

Beats products are well known for their amazing quality sound. The Beats Studio Buds are no exceptions.

The best studio buds are great for fitness and sport, they are small and comfortable in any ear size.

#09: JBL Reflect Mini

JBL Reflect Mini is one of the earbuds produced by the JBL company, this is the smallest of all their earbuds in terms of size, but yet has all the amazing features. They fit perfectly in small ears. The buds are so lightweight that you barely notice them on.

One amazing thing is that the JBL Reflect Mini earbuds are designed with an ear hook that makes them more fit in small ears. Check their discounted prices on Amazon.

#10: Contixo B1 Earbuds

The Contixo B1 is one of the earbuds for small ears Amazon offers. They are so small and sleek, with soft ear tips and wings gently gripping one’s ear, keeping the earbuds securely in the ears whether you doing a hard workout or dancing.

They are fully water-resistant and most easy to operate, with a well-designed case quite different from every regular earbud.

#11: Bose – Sleepbuds II

The Bose Sleepbuds II are truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed specifically for sleep. They have comfortable ear tips that block noise. It gives up to10 hours from a single charge.

The buds are so tiny and firm to the ears that even when you are asleep it sticks to your ears. Check its promoted prices on Amazon.

Can Ears Be Too Small For Earbuds?

Sometimes yer, when the ear canal is too small, it makes it unfit for earbuds to go deeply enough to fit in the ear, this will result in the earbuds keep falling off the ear.

But one with small ears has to get the particular earbuds designed only for small ears for it to fits in without falling out.

How Do You Get Earbuds To Stay In Small Ears?

There are a few little tricks to get earbuds to stay firmly in small ears. But first consideration should be getting only earbuds specifically designed for small ears. Other options are turning them in reversed or wearing them with earbuds third-party accessories.

What Is The Smallest Earbud Size?

The Earin A-3 Earbuds are said to be the world’s smallest earbuds as claimed by the produced company Earin. It has 14.3mm speakers and has a whole lot of amazing features. The size was designed to be small enough to fit in any ear type.

Does AirPod Pro Fit Small Ears?

Yes, The AirPods Pro was designed differently from other AirPods, it comes with 3 different replaceable silicon tip that makes it suitable and fit for even the smallest ears. People with small ears can select the smallest size of the silicon tip to fit in their ears.

Do Samsung Earbuds Fit Small Ears?

Samsung earbuds are specifically designed to fit in any kind of human ear size, the small nature of the buds makes them perfect for those with small ears as it fits firmly in both large, medium, and small ears. The Samsung galaxy bud 2 and bud Pro are the best Samsung earbuds for small ears.


Simply put, wireless earbuds are more functional and easier to use. The issue of best-wired earbuds for small ears would not have been a concern because they are generally small enough to fit any ear. However, anyone with small ears should consider the earbuds that fit their ears before purchasing any earbud, as some are specifically designed for people with their ear type.

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