Clean Zoom H6, H5, H4n Stickiness In 5 Sec [Restore Original]

Many people are asking the same question “My Zoom H6 has gotten sticky, what is the solution?”, I did a lot of research on how to resolve that since I got the same sticky rubber body issue on my Zoom H6 audio-recorder, then I discovered the only proper way to do that myself which no one has tried before and wanted to share it with you.

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How To Clean a Sticky Zoom H6, H5, H4n Rubber in 5 Seconds

The best way to clean a sticky rubber of your Zoom H6 or H5 recorder is by rubbing a normal hand sanitizer gel with a soft glass cleaning cloth, the stickiness will be removed instantly from the first rub to its original clean rubber body.

Things You Need To Cleaning Sticky Zoom H6, H5, H4n Rubber

  1. Hand Sanitizer.
  2. Glasses Cleaning Soft Cloth.

The best hand sanitizer you could use is the very basic one that contains Ethanol and Glycerin, this combination makes it react with the rubber stickiness extremely fast, and since the gel dries very fast taking away the stickiness right away with it.

Using a soft cloth like a glasses cleaning cloth will add gentleness to your zoom plastic helping protect the details like text written or printed on the zoom recorder without making any type of scratches.

Advantages Of Using Hand Sanitizer To Remove Your Zoom H6, H5, H4n Stockiness

  1. No Disadvantages.
  2. React So Fast (Show instant result).
  3. Dry Fast (safe)
  4. Available In All Houses.
  5. Cheap Price.

The other advantage of using hand sanitizer in cleaning your zoom h6 or any audio recorder is the safety of not getting into your device and damaging it since it is dried instantly after applying it on the sticky rubber.

2 Steps To Remove Stickiness From Zoom H6, H5, Or Any Gear In 5 Seconds?

  1. Apply a small amount of the sanitizer gel to the cloth.
  2. Quickly rub the cloth on the sticky rubber of your Zoom H6 recorder.
NOTE: See how all the stickiness will go on your first rub very easily restoring your original rubber body without affecting anything on the device or affecting any texts.

Before Cleaning Zoom h6 Sticky Rubber

After Removing Zoom H6 Sticky Rubber


I have made many tests to discover the best way to clean my sticky zoom rubber, I tried all the methods I found on the internet, non of them worked well, I examined several chemical products advised by those videos and articles, however, my method was the best, fastest, most robust, most reliable and the cleanest.

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