Will Using A Bluetooth Headphone Cause A Damage To My Head?

Bluetooth headphones radiations

No, using Bluetooth headsets will not cause any harm to your head, however, researchers found that high exposure to Radio Frequencies (RF) radiation such as using direct mobile phones on your ear can cause in worse scenarios brain tumor (cancer) along with other health problems, But comparing that scenario to using Bluetooth headphones is totally different.

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But seriously, are Bluetooth headphones dangerous?

As a short common answer, I found over the internet that Bluetooth headphones are not harmful compared to mobile cell phones, nevertheless, we cannot say that Bluetooth technology is completely safe! but I assure you after reading all the below information you will decide where Bluetooth devices are standing between all radiation sources we are living with during our daily life.

Bluetooth danger is it true?

Bluetooth headphones use radiation technology to communicate with the media source devices such as a cell phone or a media player, on a normal day of our lives, we are living in the middle of different sources of radiation such as direct sunlight, microwave devices, mobile phones, routers, wireless devices, high voltage power towers, cell phone towers … etc, and all of those radiation sources increases the chances for our bodies being damaged slowly or at least having a bad healthy life even without noticing that.

Bluetooth headphones vs other radiation devices danger

Let’s compare the type of damage that could cause by Bluetooth headphones versus cell phones (as an example of massive radiation devices)

What type of damage might a mobile cellphone cause?

Using a mobile cellphone directly on normal days will reduce your immunity system eventually and overtime for the long run in most cases causes the below (without order):

  • Depression.
  • A headache.
  • Irreparable DNA damage.
  • Brain tumors (cancer risk).
  • Leukemia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Autism
  • Birth defects
  • Autoimmune illnesses
  • Multiple sclerosis (A disease involving damage to the sheaths of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, whose symptoms may include “numbness”, “impairment of speech”, “blurred vision”, and “severe fatigue”)
  • Hair loss
NOTE: The above health issues might happen even if you are not using the mobile cell phone directly on your ear, but simply being close to it is enough to increase the possibility of facing health issues especially when you always have the mobile in your hand or putting it in your pocket …etc but if you are using it only for game or reading purposes without having a SIM card inside of it definitely I can say you are in the safe side.

What type of damage might a Bluetooth headphone cause?

Bluetooth headphones are using less radiation transmission (emit fewer radiations) between the headset and the mobile cell phone itself to deliver the call from your mobile to your ear, the amount of radiation used between the headset and the mobile is less than about 1000 times than what the mobile is using to keep the call alive.

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Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth devices are using similar technology to mobile cell phones but there is a big difference between them, you should know that mobile cell phones are using a very high-frequency range to transmit the signal between the mobile device and the mobile tower to keep on communicating and keep the call alive, thus direct use of the mobile phone on the ear (which is the closest place to the brain) might cause the damages mentioned above and that’s why using it for a long time will make your ear and head becomes very warm along with headache symptoms.

Should we worry about the radiation used by Bluetooth headphones?

The simple answer is “NO”, although Bluetooth headphones emit radiation we should also consider another factor that satisfies the question “what type of damage might a Bluetooth headphone cause?” which is:

  • Deafness (Hearing loss)
deafness or hearing loss

Using Bluetooth headphones for a long time every day with loud music could cause damage over time to your ears and alternatively could lead to deafness especially when you become older. Also, you can see a difference even if you are young when you are not able to hear low frequencies in crowdy environments such as talking to someone in a very loud concert even if that someone is sitting beside you, you won’t be able to understand everything is being said because of that. and this is what I mean by not hearing low frequencies.

NOTE: Human ears have inside very sensitive surface with tiny microsensors that sense the sound frequencies in the normal manner make us hear people and sounds. Those microsensors will eventually be damaged while using loud music directly on them (by using earbuds or headphones) and you can check that by yourself by focusing on your hearing in a quiet place, if you hear hiss sounds inside your ears that means you have that sort of damage which unfortunately no medical solutions to fix it, so be aware of that and do not listen to loud music on your headphones.

How to reduce Bluetooth headphone radiation?

There are not much you can do about that since the technology is already being used, but you can play this in a smart way by taking the below tips into consideration:

  • Do not use Bluetooth headphones (headsets) in low battery: For better practice in using Bluetooth headsets is not to use them while they are in low battery, because when they are in this condition they will intend to use more power to keep a good connection with the cell phone or the media device thus will give more power to the radiation-emitting.
  • Using Class II or Class III Bluetooth: Class II Bluetooth headphones are the most common ones in the market, the range of wireless signal they are offering to work is within 10 meters (33 feet) distance in an open area as well as Class III rage is less than 10 meters (33 feet). These types of Bluetooth headphones are emitting a very less amount of radiation compared to Class I which supports 100 meters (330 feet) distance in an open area.
  • Using Airtube headsets: These Airtube headsets work like a wired headset except there are no metal wires to conduct the radiation, as well as the sound quality will not be perfect as normal wireless or wired headphones but 100 % radiation free.

Are wired headphones safer than Bluetooth wireless headphones?

No, Bluetooth wireless headsets are much safer than Wired headsets.

According to the Federal Office of Public Health, using a wired headset lowers SAR values by 8 to 22 times while using a wireless headset lowers the SAR values up to 34 times compared to holding the phone next to your ear.

NOTE: SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate which is a value to measure radiation exposure from cell phones. The higher the SAR value means the more radiation the head absorbs from radio waves.

In my research I also found that the wires in the wired headphones are working as an antenna to the mobile cell phone, although not all radiation penetrates the human body, still, some are being penetrated via the earbuds or the cable that is close to the body and its organs.

NOTE: There will be no much difference in terms of health danger using wired or wireless headphones as long as they are not being used with an active cell phone (that uses SIM card inside of it like only using it for games or reading) or any other multimedia devices that aren’t using SIM cards or any source of radiation.

What if I am obsessed with Bluetooth radiation danger?

If still, you feel you have an obsession with Bluetooth and wireless radiation danger then there are two options you can do to solve this problem:

  1. You can use Airtube headsets: This is the only practical way that gives you relaxation by using a headphone with no obsession. Using Airtube is widely common these days but this will be similar to using wired headphones but with no radiation danger, but remember, still the most harmful source is the mobile phone regardless of what headphones you are using.
  2. Do not use Bluetooth headphones: This is the last thing I can advise you to relieve you and make you happy, I know this solution is not so practical but still, you can set your mobile to loudspeaker mode, or connect it to an external speaker and enjoy playing music with others.


What I found out is that both wired and Bluetooth headsets emit a very weak level of radiation so it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. I would pay more attention to how close and where my cell phone is placed. But using Bluetooth headphones on media devices that aren’t using SIM cards are totally safe compared to devices that use SIM cards because the SIM cards are the source of the radiation in such devices as mobile phone.

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