7 Simple Tips to Keep AirPods from Falling Out

Every user faces a significant challenge, which is the problem of AirPods falling out from your ear.

If you are an AirPod owner and face this kind of challenge, you don’t have to worry anymore because we’re in this together. This article focuses on 7 key points of how to keep AirPods from falling out.

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7 Simple Tips to Keep AirPods from Falling Out

#1: Wearing Upside Down

This option may seem impossible, but the record shows that so many AirPods users testified to this awesome trick of wearing the AirPods in a reverse way. If you have never given this option a trial, you definitely should and you will be amazed at the result.

Wearing AirPods Pro in reverse

Wearing your AirPods upside down or reversed can also feel more comfortable and firmer in your ears.

NOTE: To wear the AirPods reversely, you must have inter-switched the AirPod pairs, i.e., wearing the right earbud on the left ear and the left earbud on the right ear while both are turned upside down.

#2: Wear Them Properly (Firmly)

How to wear AirPods correctly should be the first consideration for wearing your AirPods. This is the primary reason AirPods fall from your ear.

The AirPods comprise two earbuds – the right and the left earbud. So many people mistake not considering this part by wearing the left earbud on the right ear and the right earbud on the left ear (note: this is not how they do the upside-down trick).

When this mistake is made, the AirPods stay but won’t be firmly positioned in the ear and this makes keeping AirPods from falling out while sleeping or awake difficult.

#3: The Exact Size That Fits Your Ear

The silicone tips of the AirPods pro were made quite different from others. These silicone tips are removable and vary in size. One of the main reasons why the question of how to keep AirPods pro from falling out became an issue is that most users don’t know the difference between the sizes and where to find them.

Removing AirPods Pro silicon tips

The human ears are so unique that each individual’s ear varies in size and shape. And different sizes of the silicone tip of AirPods 4 are designed to fit into your ears based on the size or shape.

NOTE: The silicone tip has three sizes which are the small “S,” the Medium “M,” and the large “L.” You can find the sizes of the silicone tip by lifting it a bit.
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AirPods pro silicone tip size

Many users aren’t aware of this and just put it on with checking. Although knowing this can’t help answer the popular question on AirPods pro fall out while sweating even though the silicone tips grip the ears, it can solve the problem of how to keep AirPods from falling out while running.

#4: What Type Of AirPods Suits You

The issue of which AirPods stay in the ear better will determine the choice of the AirPods the users will purchase since AirPods differ in their uniqueness. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations of AirPods use the regular tips while the AirPods pro, on the other hand, uses the newly improved silicone tips.

Since individual ears differ in both sharpness and sizes, there is always a need to examine the kind of AirPods tips that grip the ears firmly before purchase. For some users, the silicone tips feel better and firmer, while to others, the regular shape of the 3 different generations grips better. This option must be seriously considered at first, but many users don’t consider it.

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#5: Switching To Memory Foam

The Soft Memory foam earbud tips for AirPods Pro offer all-around comfort and reduce ear pain. These memory foams are easy to install and stay securely on, and they never interfere with the case for charging and offer a better experience in-ear fit.

AirPods Pro With memory foam

These memory foams are only applicable to the AirPods pro due to their silicone tips.

NOTE: Users use these memory foams to replace the default silicone tips since they always complain of falling off the ears.

These memory foams come in various sizes that can fit firmly to the ears thereby removing the concern about which AirPods stay in the ear better.

#6: Waterproof Tape

Applying waterproof tape is one of the options if you suffer to keep your AirPods from falling out. Waterproof tape works better on the AirPods Generation 1, 2, and 3 than the AirPods pro.

When applying the waterproof tape, stick a piece of the waterproof tape at the top and bottom of each bud, close to the tip where the AirPods grip your ears. After that, you can wear the AirPods, and they will stick firmly to your ears.

AirPods with waterproof tape

#7: AirPods Accessories

Suppose you have tried every other option, and it hasn’t solved the problem of AirPods falling out. In that case, using AirPods accessories is one of the available options to consider when preventing your AirPods from falling out.

There are varieties of AirPods accessories produced by third-party companies to curb this particular issue of AirPods falling out from one’s ear.

Below are some of the available accessories to acquire:

  • AirPods Anti Slip Covers

Airpod Anti-slip covers are silicone covers that give AirPods and AirPods pro additional protection and firm fittings to the ears.

airpods pro silicon covers
  • AirPods Strap

Just as the name implies, it is an AirPods strap produced by a company called “GOGOSODU” This accessory doesn’t just prevent your AirPods from falling out of your ears; it also prevents AirPods and AirPods Pro from being misplaced even when the user has been hit by physical force.

  • Silicone AirPods Hooks

The Silicone AirPods hook is a third-party accessory mainly for the AirPods Generations and not the AirPods pro.

This accessory makes the AirPods look similar to the Silicone tip of the AirPods pro and has additional features that hook in one’s ear when worn; this hook makes it grip more to the ears.

Check the Silicone AirPods Hooks offer price from Amazon.

Why Is AirPods Pro Falling Out Of Ears?

The most common reasons behind AirPods pro falling out of ears is due to wrong fitting or size of earbuds, it may have the wrong silicone tips, or getting hit by a person or object.

Does AirPods Pro Fall Out Easily?

AirPods pro would not fall out easily of their own accord. However, they could fall out when the wrong size is being worn, or when they come with the wrong silicone tips, or they could fall out when you collide with a person or an object.


Airpods are undoubtedly the most widely used or patronized when it comes to the world of earbuds. One of the significant challenges for anyone using it is to have it stay inside your ears without the obstruction of falling out occasionally.

With the solutions provided above, one will have no trouble using the AirPods. There will be no need for fear of losing one or both of the AirPods while engaging in any physical exercise like running, working out, or even playing football with your AirPods on.

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