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AirPods/Air Pods Pro Case Charging

How Long Does It Take to Charge an AirPods Case for The First Time?

It will take your AirPods case approximately an hour to completely charge, and your AirPods should only take about 20 to 30 mins to fully charge once placed in the case.

NOTE: Charging your Airpods case fully for the first time is important if you want to increase the lifespan of your AirPods.

How to Know If the Airpods Case Is Charging?

By taking out the AirPods from the case, and charging the case alone, the small amber light is “on” represents the AirPods case charging status whenever you open the case lid while the case is connected to the lightning charging cable or the wireless charging base.

The charge status of your AirPod is shown by the small amber light that comes on when you open your AirPod case with your AirPods inside. But when your AirPods are in use or outside your case, the light shows the status of your AirPod case. It can either show green or amber color, which means fully charged or not fully charged respectively.

Can I Leave Airpods Out of The Case?

It is detrimental to leave Airpods out of the case when not used, this could reduce the lifespan of their batteries over time, the reason is the AirPods will keep on discharging their batteries even without using them while keeping them in their case should keep them charged most of the time thus sustain a longer life span.

How Far Can Airpods Be Away from The Case?

Airpods can go as far as 40 meters from the case before it starts breaking or cuts off entirely. This range depends on the Bluetooth version of your device, if it’s an older version the range will be shorter than 40 meters, also the type of obstacles along the way should affect the range negatively.

How Long Do Airpods Last Out Of The Case?

When your AirPods are in use, either for listening to music or making calls they can last for three to five hours, that is if they are fully charged. Three hours for talking time, and about five hours for music.

Can You Charge Airpods In A Different Case?

Yes, you can comfortably charge your AirPods in a different case, without having to be bothered. Charging AirPods in a different case does not affect the functionality of the AirPods in any way. All you have to do is place the AirPods in the compatible case you wish to use.

How to Charge Airpods Without A Case?

AirPods are practically useless without their charging case because they cannot be charged without its case or any other AirPod case. The AirPod and its case are just meant for each other, no intruders.

How to Charge an Airpods Case?

The AirPod comes with a USB or lightning cable, so when you are ready to charge simply insert the charging USB into a compatible power adapter and then plug the cord in the spot provided for charging on the body of the AirPod case, while connected to any source of electricity or power.

AirPods / AirPods Pro Charging and Battery

The method of charging the AirPod and AirPod pro are quite similar but their battery life and charging time is totally different. The AirPod pro charges faster and lasts longer than the AirPod. If your Airpod pro is charged for five mins in its case, you will get one hour of talk time or listening time.

How To Charge Air Pods Pro?

To Charge Your AirPods pro, you can simply do it in two ways, using its lightning cable by connecting it to a compatible power adapter, or, by using a compatible wireless charging base. just ensure the lid of your case is shut, and place the case on the charger with the status light facing up.

How To Know If AirPods Pro Are Charging With a Cord?

Your AirPods Pro has an indicator light to show whether it is charging or not. If you are charging with a cable the light shows the status of your AirPods when your case is open. But when your case is closed the light shows the status of your case.

How To Know If AirPods Pro Are Charging With Wireless Charger?

When charging with a wireless charging case or MagSafe Charging case, the status light shows the available charge for eight seconds. With this, you can easily tell when it is charging and when it is not.

How Long Does It Take to Charge Airpods Pro From 0 To 100%?

The AirPod pro takes about 60 minutes to be completely charged. But full charge time takes more of the time; the charge time from 98% to 100% takes about a quarter of the whole charging time, but when it is fully charged you are guaranteed four to five hours of listening or talk time.

How Long Do Airpods Last Without Charging?

According to Apple, a pair of AirPods should last for about five hours of listening time, but talk time is less. The charging case always lasts and can recharge the AirPods for about 24 hours for listening time and 11 hours for talk time. If the time is reasonably lower than this then your AirPods could be faulty.

How to Check AirPods Pro Battery Levels?

To perform an AirPod pro battery check, open the case while your AirPods are inside, then bring your case close to your device, wait for some seconds (minimum 8 seconds) then your battery status will appear on your device.

What Is the Battery Lifespan of Airpods Pro?

This depends on the usage and the Bluetooth version, but your expectations for AirPods pro battery life span with several charges in its case is 24 hours of listening time and 28 hours of talk time. On a single charge, it can last about 4.5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of talk time.

Why Are My AirPods Pro Battery Dying So Fast?

AirPods batteries are dying fast due to leaving them outside their case while not used. The Silent mode is turned on most of the time. AirPods case battery is low. And the listening volume level is high most of the time.

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