How To Fix Wireless Headphones Whose One Side Doesn’t Work?

To start with the solution you need first to be sure whether the problem comes from the headphones or from the media device you are connecting the headphones. in order to do that try to disconnect the Bluetooth wireless headphone from this media device and connect it to another device and see whether the issue is from the headphone side or the media side.

My wireless headphone still working one side after connecting to another device

If this is the case, then we need to troubleshoot the issue further on your wireless Bluetooth headphones, please select your wireless headphone type experiencing the issue with by clicking either on the title or the photo:

General style wireless headphones with one side don’t work issue

Let’s try to troubleshoot the issue willingly this could solve the issue before proceeding further into advanced solutions:

  • Check the side balance (If you are using your headphone with a computer, check the audio speaker sides balance setting it might be set to right or left only.)
  • Check whether the track you are playing is mono (This also commonly happens that a user doesn’t know a mono track he is playing and think there is an issue with the headphone speaker. mono tracks plays only one side in any speaker or headphone.)
  • Power off/on your headphone
  • Reconnect Bluetooth (Try now playing an audio file and see whether the issue resolve and you could hear the sound on both sides, if not proceed to next step.)
  • Insert the sound cable plug while playing an audio (Will you hear both sides?)
  • Pull out back the sound cable while playing an audio (Will you hear both sides?)
NOTE: You could also do inserting and pulling the sound cable plug into the wireless headphone jack several times as this could resolve the issue many times due to unclean jack that might cause the issue and by doing this type of movement you could clean jack internal pins.
  • Reset your wireless headphone (Some wireless headphones have an option to be fully reset, you can check your headphone model manual on how to do that, does that solve the issue?)
NOTE: If you plug your aux cable jack in the wireless headphone socket and the sound works fine in both headphone speakers, but only one side speaker works via Bluetooth then you are lucky, Below is why.

Basically what happens is upon plugging in the aux cable jack, there are small mechanical triggers (like small metal balls with springs) in the headphone jack port that will turn off the Bluetooth functionality. If only one speaker side works when connecting via Bluetooth (wireless), this means that one of the small mechanical triggers in the jack port is stuck in a position of halfway, this will tell your headphone speakers to function via the audio aux cable instead of the Bluetooth technology… this halfway point between the two functions will make one of the speakers not to work.

  • So, how do you fix this? (Simply by taking your aux cable plug and attempt to knock the small mechanical trigger ball back to where it was before by pushing the cable plug into the jack port (in and out) at different angles. This should work for you otherwise you need to proceed to the advanced troubleshooting steps below.)

Advanced troubleshooting steps – how to fix headphones with no sound

Since the above basic steps did not solve your one side headphone doesn’t work issue this could be a hardware defection inside your side speaker which is not working.

In the below steps you might be needing to have the following:

  • Screwdriver
  • Aux cable with its jack plug
  • Cable cutter/slicer
  • Soldering tool
NOTE: The issue also could be in the audio jack or plug in case if you are using a wireless headphone with a transmitting base that is connected to your computer or media device via an audio cable, check how to fix or replace an audio cable plug from my other tutorial HOW TO REPLACE A HEADPHONE JACK – THE CORRECT EASY WAY to learn how to deal with this issue.

Step 1: Checking whether it is a speaker issue.

For this step, you should open the faulty speaker (that doesn’t work) and this step basically is very easy if you know how to work well with a soldering tool, follow the below instructions step by step:

  • Displace the Batteries from the headphone and the aux cable in case if its connected to the socket.
  • Remove your headphone speaker’s foam pads by twisting them counterclockwise (or by using a flat type screwdriver to open the clips type foam pad for some models, those foam pads should be separated from the headphone speaker body).
  • Most probably you will face screws (open those screws by the screwdriver so you can access the wires that connected to the speaker internally).
! CAUTION: Be sure that you have already removed the batteries that are inside the wireless headphone just in case if there could be any short circuit with the wires so no defection would occur.
  • Bring the additional aux cable that has a jack on one end (If you do not have such a cable you can either cut a similar cable from another old speaker or headphone from one end and leave the jack on the other end or bring an aux cable and manually fix the jack on it. If you do not know how you can check it in my tutorial How To Replace The Headphone Jack).
  • Slice the other end of the cable using the slicer tool to have around 2 cm metal cable shown.
  • Twist each cable end on one cable of the speaker tightly (temporarily without soldering it)
NOTE: To do it the proper way, you need to use the soldering tool to remove the solder from the points were original cables are soldered on the speaker, then solder the new cable on the same points, but remember that you have to remove the temporary cable again by using the soldering tool.
  • Plug the other end of the cable (the jack plug) into a media device player socket.
  • Turn the media device ON then play a song and see if the speaker works or not.
NOTE: If the speaker doesn’t work then you need to go to Step 3, But if the speaker works well, then you need to go to Step 2.
  • If the speaker works fine then you should turn OFF the media player first, then remove the jack plug from it, then solder back the original cables in their places on the speaker and fix its cover back.

Step 2: (If step 1 is true) Checking that headphone socket port physically functioning well.

If your wireless headphone plays music in one speaker and you have already checked that the speaker with no sound has no technical issue or it wasn’t the reason behind the issue then most probably the issue because of the socket port.

The socket port is connected to a small electrical circuit board (as shown in the below image) that connected to the speakers either directly or indirectly so if this socket has a mechanical issue (just like I stated above on the triggers) or electrical issue on its board you need to replace it.

headphone jack socket port

But of course, you need to check it first:

  • Does it feel loose when you plug in an aux jack to this headphone socket?
  • Will the voice works on the silent speaker while listening to music in one side speaker and pushing in and out an aux socket?
  • Does an aux jack stuck and not been inserted completely inside the socket port and portion of it remains outside?

If you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms most likely you need to replace the faulty jack socket of your wireless Bluetooth headphone. (Proceed to step 4)

Step 3: (If step 1 is false) Replacing the faulty speaker.

As shown in the below picture the speaker is connected by cables to the circuit board which we will remove and install the new speaker.

replacing wireless headphone speaker

  • Open the screws on the headphone base to see where the cables are going behind.

wireless headphone speaker circuit board

  • Using the soldering tool we remove all 4 cables as shown in the below image in order to take off the faulty speaker.

removing cables by soldering tool

  • We solder back the new 4 cables using the same method above of the new speaker in the same exact locations as the old cables, then we fix back all parts together following the same process backward.

Step 4: (If step 2 is true) Replacing the faulty jack socket.

  • Replacing the headphone’s jack socket you need to use the soldering tool to dismantle it from the board (check the below image how the socket looks from the other side on the board fixed by solder).

headphone jack port socket soldered

  • Soldering the new socket on the same exact locations on the board (you should priorly ordered same exact socket or use an old one from the same headphone model)
  • Fix back all headphone parts in reverse to have your headphone back as before.

Mobile style wireless headphones with one side don’t work issue

For mobile style wireless Bluetooth headphones issue when one earpiece is not working there are simple steps to check and follow to solve the issue:

  • Enable and disable the Bluetooth function in your mobile. (does this fix the issue?)
  • Remove the Bluetooth connection from your mobile settings and add the headphone again. (does this fix the issue?)
  • Wear both pieces (If your wireless headset is from Apple) while one of them is not working and keep on opening and closing the case door several times.
  • Keep on wearing both pieces (If your wireless headset is from Apple) for around 5 minutes while listening to an audio or video on your iPhone. (after a while the silent piece will respond and play the sound).
  • Check the not functioning piece battery charge, if it doesn’t have a charge then it is off so simply charge that piece.
  • Connect your Bluetooth headphones into another mobile phone and see whether it is working fine or the same issue remains. (if both pieces work fine then the issue is in your mobile, you need to do some troubleshooting in your mobile like soft reset ..etc)
  • Check whether the track you are playing is mono (This also commonly happens that a user doesn’t know a mono track he is playing and think there is an issue with the headphone speaker. mono tracks plays only one side in any speaker or headphone.)
  • Play different audio file or video, maybe the issue is with the file that being played not with the headphones.
NOTE: If all the above did not solve the issue of one side earpiece is not working then you have nothing to do more but to replace that headset or give it to its authorized service center.


Headphones are electrical devices which sometimes we do not understand how or why they fluctuate in their performance especially when it comes to wireless (Bluetooth) headphones, so mostly the above basic troubleshooting steps should solve your headphone one side doesn’t work issue but if it did not, then proceed to the advanced steps.


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  1. My wireless Bluetooth isn’t like the above listed mine is a new model
    I need ur help seriously pls

      1. Hello my wireless bluetooth type is a Otium wireless sport headphone.

  2. Hey there !

    I have a JBL 600 BTNC headphone and one of the side (right side – where all the buttons are) doesn’t work when it’s on bluetooth mode but it does work when I connect it through an AUX cable so I’m assuming it’s not the problem with the speaker. Any kind of help would be appreciated.


  3. I have a set of Bytech earbuds, and it makes a beeping noise when you turn them on, it only sounds in one ear, and nothing else works… what do I do?

  4. I have the i12tws brand new and the left one in the charging case keeps flashing like it wants to charge again and the touch and sound and lights don’t work outside the Case . Brand New from eBay

  5. Firas Sameer…! ! ! Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU….so glad I found your website…! I use Audio Books with an old Android LG phone I turned into an MP3 Player Audio Books…

    I kept breaking the earbuds with plugs on them and started using Wireless ear buds of various brands…All was going well when suddenly when I got some new pairs of wireless earbuds…& used a wired set at night…All of a sudden the wireless earbuds only had sound out of one side…sometimes left side sometimes right side.

    After I read your instructions about “putting the wired earbud jack in & out of the sound jack on the player”…it worked seamlessly…! ! !

    I looked for quite some time to find the answer…I thought there was a setting on the LG phone (turned into an MP3 Player)… Do you know where the setting is on an LG Fuel phone…? The one that adjusts media sound going into both wireless earbuds…?

    An Audio Book sounds so much better with sound in both ears…! ! !

    Again THANK YOU…! ! !

  6. Hi, I just bought Nokia True Wireless earbuds, 1st step charge it , i noticed that left earbuds only led red and right one didn’t give any responds, when i remove them from case only left one led with both red & blue, and i cannot pair with anything, any help please

  7. Hi.

    I have a new pair, Galoo?
    both switch on but the one side automatically goes to pairing mode, it wont connect, i’ve tried all the above mentioned.
    but to no success, please be so kind as to send me a mail if needs be.

    thank you for your help.

  8. The ONLY problems I ever had were with the TWS earphones, that are without connecting cord. On both occasions, they lost their ability to work together Stereophonicly. One pair – after 6 weeks, the other – after 4 hours…

    I think this technology is too early for real use (not to mention the MUCH poorer sound quality of them, comparing to the corded ones, even by the same company). Maye in the next years we’ll see better ones (preferably with a dedicated app).

  9. Hello, I had just bought some wireless earbuds off of Amazon about a month ago. The left earpiece is considered the “main” while, the right is called the “auxiliary device”. I have not had a problem out of them until now, the right earpiece (auxiliary device) has stopped pairing with the left earpiece (main). I can still use them separately but, I can’t use them at the same time anymore. I have looked online for some help and nobody has seemed to be able to. I have never used airpods because they always test up on me so, instead a try and stick to cheap water resistant ones. My make is TWS and the model is C8.

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